The Way To Your Purpose

Do you have a dream for yourself? Do you have a vision for yourself that you just feel like you haven't been able to live out? I know that in each human being lives potential that can be actualized so you can become the best version of yourself.

There is something inside you, a voice that's telling you who you could become. I believe that it's possible to listen to that voice so you can become your greatest version.

Many of us have fears, doubts, limiting beliefs about who we could become. But I can show you a way to overcome those and to become who you are actually meant to be.

The first step is belief. Maybe you're stuck in a job where you just don't feel satisfied. Maybe you're stuck in a repeating pattern or you've living your life based on the expectations of others.

But what if there was a way to start living a life filled with authenticity doing the things you know you are great at? Your dream is unique to you! Start honouring that! There is no one else like you.

Start honouring your authenticity. With my coaching I will show you how you can recognize who you've always wanted to become. Start stepping into your potential now instead of living a life where you're held back.

I can show you where your unique strenghts lie, what your life themes are and how you can apply and live those things in your life.

Let's look at a theoretical example.

Sarah wants to be an actress. She always admired the grace and elegance with which her favourite actresses and actors portrayed themselves on screen. She used to watch movies of the 50's and 60's and she identified herself with the image of actresses that she felt expressed qualities that she admired. When she watched those movies, she felt a connection with this art.

Deep down she wants to be on screen herself some day. It is her greatest dream and vision. But for some reason, she withholds this because she feels like the dream is almost too good to be true. She knows this is what she wants but she keeps on listening to those thoughts inside of her head, telling her why she's not good enough and she keeps on listening to the beliefs echoed in her friends and family why it is not possible. That it's crazy to have those aspirations.

So instead of going to that acting class, she just does what everyone expects of her or what everyone else is doing.

"With his direct yet empathetic manner, Julian showed me how to approach the difficulties in my life. He was able to give me simple tips that can be implemented quickly and already show a lot of effect after a short time. The session lasted about an hour, but it didn't take more than that to strengthen my awareness of myself and revitalise my motivation." - Christopher, Switzerland

But she would have had that talent. She would have had exactly what was needed and if she only had the courage to follow that inner voice and to embark on that path, she would have found the producers and the right circumstances that would have eventually elevated her to star first in a few smaller productions and them some day in a film. Now she's regretful. But of course it's not too late. Because that inner calling is still there and she still has what's needed for her to finally step out of fear and shame and start living a life of excitement, doing precisely what she needs to do to fulfill her dream.

What if that's you? What if you have gifts and talents that are so unbelievably valuable to the world but you just aren't aware of it? What if the thing you are, your dream, not only excites you and could propel you towards the biggest adventures of your life, crazier than you could have ever expected but that dream is also realistically achievable? I can show you the treasures inside of you and give you that much needed encouragement so you stop dreaming and start doing the things you're meant to do.

I can show you where you are holding yourself back by beliefs and thoughts that you deep down know are not true.

The time to start is now. If you're telling yourself that you'll live your dream in 20 years then you're hiding behind an expectation that things will be different then. Or that you have all the time in the world. I believe you already have what it takes to begin now. Think back to a time when you did something that truly excited you, that you felt like it was a radiation of your core being and you truly shined in that light. Maybe it was when you were skiing. Or singing. Or writing. But you felt alive doing that and your genius came through. You felt a connection with what you were doing and you were flowing, time seemed to slow down and every move you made was precise, graceful and it almost felt like the work was doing itself and you knew what the next moves were.

This is the mode you enter when you access your calling. The work is a reward in itself. Imagine where you could be in 1 year or 5 years if you started actualizing your dreams now?

I can show you how you can draw out the best in you so that your life can be filled with your unique purpose and gifts, enriching not only yourself but everyone around you aswell.

What if you could start living your dream today, instead of always postponing it by telling yourself: Some day, I will become an actor. Some day, I will visit that cooking course. Some day, I will ask out the girl of my dreams.

Why aren't you doing those things today? What is it that you're waiting for? With my coaching program, you'll be able to step into your highest potential starting today, not tomorrow or some distant date in the future. I can show you what's unique about you and I can show you how to overcome the obstacles in your path starting today.