The Way to Your Purpose

About Me

I'm a coach who will help you stay motivated and accomplish your goals. 

This is what Dovydas from Lithuania had to say about me:

"Julian was very attentive listener, he helped me discover my motivations

and in general he just seems like a good person."

Dovydas - Lithuania

My main two areas of interest are couples communication


Overcoming procrastination

I've always felt the most happy when I helped people work on their aims.

Whether you would like to become more motivated by motivating yourself to work on your projects or if you have issues with procrastination- I'm there to help you rediscover your drive and motivation as well as improve the communication in your relationship.

My coaching aims at helping you find your purpose and to express that more authentically in in your life and ambitions.

The goal of my coaching is to help you get in touch with who you truly are and to remove anything that is hindering you on that path in a way that is authentic to your core.

So many people struggle with the fact that they have unexplored potential in both the area of motivation to work on their goals and overcoming procrastination. What lies on the other side of that work is your goals and projects that will thrive.

Show who you truly are and come along on a journey with me towards your best self.