The Way to Your Purpose


I know that there's the highest version of you 

What would you be doing if time and money weren't an issue?

A lot of us have dreams about goals that seem out of reach for us. We work in jobs that we aren't fully satisfied in and live out or dreams in fantasies or perhaps vicariously through the adventures of others. But what is holding us back from stepping into that version of ourself that is doing those things?

Is it that our aspirations seem to lofty, too far out there and we believe that we will never have what it takes to reach that destination?

Do we lack the resources?

Or are we simply living a lie, telling ourselves that we'll do it some day but deep in our hearts, we are constanly reminded that we are out of touch with what truly excites us, namely to become that version of ourselves that would bring all of those qualities into full fruition and then to actually live it.

So what's holding you back right now?

Finding my identity

I wake up in the morning. The sun shines into my room and onto the floor. What kind of books are next to my bed?

After I've stepped out of the shower I look into the mirror. What quality does that face have? The way I do my hair to day, what I want to express with this

It starts with the way I dress. What quality would I like to convey with it? When I'm in the bus, people look at me. What would I like them to see? What would I like to embody?

If I could put words to who I am and who I'm born to be, what would those words be? Would they be a rebel who goes her or his own way, a happy lady, enriching the world with her sales of flower? Would they be those of the knowledgeable teacher, always sharing from the ever growing treasure of his mind, giving to the world and feeding his students with the curiosity he himself has for the world? Or would they be that of the artist, going off the beaten path and creating works of poetry and inspiration, reveling in the depth of his muse? Or would you be a comic seller and share your passion for those worlds you like to dive into with the people who share the same inspo?

If you could choose that character, that archetype, if you could aim for the blueprint of that person who you'd wish to become, who would that be?


Becoming the most authentic version I can be. Being a rockstar and performing with a band. Writing inspiring novels and poetry that people can draw beauty and encouragement from.

Here are some sentences that inspire me. When I write and read those sentences they ring truth. I can feel my core resonating with these sentences and everything inside of me telling me, yes, this is what you need to become.

This is what my innermost being wants to express to the world. It's a radical embodiment of everything that is me.  These are gifts that I would like to give, qualities that I would like to enrich the world with. Why would I be held back by ideas in my own head that it's not possible? Or the voices of those that want to discourage me? If you firmly believe in your vision no one can hold you back.

Instead, you come back into your power and go forward with the path your heart know is right for you.

Why aren't you allowing yourself to step into your potential now?

A lot of us have a vision for ourselves. When we wake up in the morning or when we were children we had ideas about who we wanted to be. A scientist! A talk show host! An explorer! We see ourselves stepping in our authentic way of being, in what we know we're meant to be. We were excited by those dreams. They were authentic. And they were a representation of what felt true to us, of what made us feel alive.

So why aren't we doing it? Is it because we think we have all the time in the world? Is it because we think that at some distant point in the future we will be ready?

I believe that we have this calling inside of us for a reason. It's because we're meant to explore what we want to be, what we want to share with the world, what our wildest dreams are. I believe that you have a desire to become something, to fulfill the vision you have for yourself.

There is no better time to start doing it than now. People are eagerly awaiting for you to become that unique, authentic expression of yourself that you know you can be. Dare to dream big again, like you did when you were a kid.

A deeper look into the concept of a life purpose

What is a life purpose? Everything has its place, every rock, every animal and every tree is growing into their fullest form and under the right conditions fulfill their purpose in the greater scheme of things. They take the shape and grow in accordance with what drives them from within to be the fullest expression of the potential that lives inside of them. Just in the same way I believe humans have their unique way of being that can shape up to something amazing. Let me give you an example: A dancer thrives in the act of dancing. The movement and the rhythm are an expression of their being. It is likely that even in their school days they were hearing a tune in their head and couldn't help but move their body to it. The dancing is a calling, it's what makes them feel alive. At the same time it adds to other people in a profound way because everyone else can benefit from the grace and inspiration they give.

What if you could find that thing that makes you feel alive? What if you allowed yourself to fully express that quality and shine?