The Way to Your Purpose

About Me

 My name is Julian Richard. At the age of 12 I had a profound experience that gave me the insight, that it was my purpose to help other people find out who they are. I am fascinated by the boundless authenticity and endless potential that lives in every human being. No two are alike. Everyone is a unique gift with talents and beauty that is waiting to surface. A purpose can be something like being a composer, being a woodworker or being a street poet. It doesn't matter what form it takes. What matters is that it's a unique embodiment of what lives inside you, that you want to express full of confidence. Once that potential is awake it becomes a beacon of joy and inspiration to not only each individual themselves but also to the people around them. It allows people to authentically live what they find inside of themselves and to share and enrich the world with it.

"I had doubts about my life purpose. Julian helped me regain confidence. His coaching was encouraging. If you want to know what you want to do in life, I recommend his services." -Roman, Canada

I believe that out of fear of judgement or other limiting beliefs many of us hold back what is inside of us, our truest potential. We have a hunch of what it might be but not all of us believe that we could actually live it out. Others already live those qualities, which I call a purpose, but perhaps not to its fullest extent. That's why I want to coach people to find out their core traits and abilities that will allow them to get in touch with their life purpose and to live it out fully. A purpose can be something like being a rockstar, being a woodworker or being a street poet. The possibilties are endless. What unites the quality of purpose is that it's a way of being that is fulfilling to the person, it drives them from within and makes them thrive.

Proud partner of Smash Bros. Züri

An eSports club specializing in Super Smash Bros.

whose goal is to bring together and grow the SSB community.

They attach great importance to community spirit and solidarity.

At all their events the fun and a great time together is in the foreground. 

but a certain amount of fighting spirit and will to win is of course also present!